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ASC Technical Sales Team Grows With New Members

Ray Morris, Ryan McMillian and Olga Chavez have recently joined the ASC Technical Sales & Service Team.  All are very experienced and knowledgeable sales professionals, and their addition gives ASC the best group of air starter experts in the industry.  After some time away, both Ray Morris and Ryan McMillian have rejoined ASC.  Ray has more than eleven years of air starter experience and has already been greeted back by his Eastern USA Customers with welcome and open arms.  Ryan, after an exciting year on the west coast has returned to ASC and has switched roles from Production Manager into Technical Sales.   Olga Chavez joins ASC as Latin America & Export Sales Coordinator.  Olga holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and was recently awarded Professional Project Manager Certification. She has a wealth of customer service experience dealing with technical sales throughout the world.  ASC is proud to welcome all three of these fine individuals to its team.

NEW AIR STARTER MODEL for medium HP diesel and natural gas engines

Following exhaustive testing, ASC has released its newest 3000 Series air starter.  Introducing the 3000i inertia drive starter.  Available in standard six and twelve nozzle configurations for low pressure and 150 psi operation.  The 3000i Series is designed for engines in the 10 to 25 liter range.

30-45 hp
60-150 psi (4.1-10.3 BAR) operation
30 lbs weight 

ASC Announces New Alliance with G3 Trading Company for Mexico & South Texas


Air Starter Components, Inc. (ASC), and G3 Trading Company, LLC have announced a new alliance between the two companies calling for the manufacture, supply, sales and servicing of air starters to the various sectors of the oil and gas industry.

G3 Trading Company and Air Starter Components’ initial relationship began in early 2014.  Since that time G3 Trading Company has become a large and important marketer, seller and servicing agent for ASC products.  G3 Trading Company is headed by Mr. Pedro Gutierrez De Hoyos, Owner and Operations Manager.  Mr. Gutierrez is backed by a dedicated and well trained sales and service organization, whose focus is to provide products and assistance primarily to the gas compression industry.

ASC is pleased to announce this new partnership alliance, and looks forward to working and serving together with G3 Trading to provide the highest quality products and services. Contact G3 Trading in Mexico at: (899)926-1170 & (899) 926-0728 or  in South Texas at: 956-331-2210


To serve customers better, ASC has introduced a new air starting relay valve. The ASC RelayValve is a reliable and responsive air starting control valve. ASC-RV can be used with all ASC air starters, TDI or Ingersoll-Rand and is available in three standard piping sizes. The ASC-RV is also suitable for use with most other air starter makes and models.


Air Starter Components has introduced its NEW ASC S-SERIES. The S-SERIES offers a pre-engagement type drive train and delivers up to 80 horsepower at 150 psi.  The new starter is available in both low and high operating pressures and is specifically designed for large CID displacement diesel or natural gas engines used in the oil & gas industry, marine and other applications. The S-SERIES weighs only 54 pounds and is available with three different exhaust configurations, including two different 90 degree exhaust fixtures. For more information call 800.999.7315.


Air Starter Tip of the Month

AIR STARTER LUBRICATION:  Did you know that all vane type air starters should have a lubricator installed to insure long-life and maximum performance? Lubricators give the moving parts a needed friction barrier, reduce metal corrosion and keep vanes sealed properly against the cylinder walls.  Even the so-called lube-free air starters require lubrication to prolong trouble free life.  Two basic lubricator devices are typically employed.  One is a IN-LINE or reservoir type that typically stores up to 2 quarts of lubricant, and is installed along the air supply line. The second style of lubricator is a small ONE SHOT device that dispenses a measured amount of lubricant every time the starter is engaged. Installed directly onto the air inlet of the starter, the in-line lubricators are self priming pneumatic pumps that require a 1/4″ lubrication line piped from as far away as 4 feet. Air Starter lubricators perform best using misting type, non-detergent oils such as diesel fuel or Marvel Mystery oil. If emissions are a concern, there are environmentally friendly type lubricants available on the market.

Not all air starters require lubrication.  Turbine type air starters do not require air motor lubrication, although some turbine air starters do use an oil filled transmission that may require periodic inspections and maintenance.

Air Starter News & Media


Air Starter Components has introduced the NEW ASC ALPHA SERIES Turbine Air Starter. The newest innovation from ASC is available in both Low and High operating pressures, inertia drive system and pre-engaged drive system.  The new starter line-up is specifically designed for large CID displacement diesel or natural gas engines used in the oil & gas industry, marine and other applications. ASC turbine starters are powerful, safe, lightweight and dependable in the harshest of industrial environments. In-stock availability and ready for immediate shipment. Call 800.999.7315.


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